About Us

FADG is a Disc Golf Event company based in San Antonio, TX.
On April 26, 2020 after six months of getting pestered by my buddy Justin Segura I finally went and played my first round of disc golf with him. I was immediately hooked. The pandemic had just hit, everything was shut down, and social distancing was the new norm. Disc golf was the outlet we desperately needed to get out of the house and keep ourselves sane.
As we moved into 2021 Justin and I recruited another member to our group, Andrew Gibbons. Despite trying our very best the three of us were not very good. Even so we LOVED to play. An issue we were running into was that we didn't have any other folks to play with. We wanted to meet more people and play a bit more competitively. We joined the PDGA and in March of 2021 we played our first tournament. As we played a few more tournaments and looked into the local mini-tournament scene we noticed a few things: Tournaments can get pricey, minis play for money, and even while playing in the amateur bracket the main focus was on payouts. Our main driver to play was love of the sport and competition, not playing for money. Instead of complaining about what we can’t control, Andrew suggested we start a league. In June 2021 First Available Novice League played its first league round at Pearsall Park with 12 players. This was the only PDGA sanctioned league in San Antonio at the time. In August 2021 First Available Disc Golf was created and hosted the first tournament that month.
Ever since my son was born in 2016 I’ve worked side hustles and/or created entrepreneurial ventures to provide supplemental income for my family. In 2020 when my second son was born that need increased. I started a lawn service company. When league started I didn’t have time to do both and spend with my family. This is why First Available Disc Golf was created and has since provided several opportunities: 1- I don’t have to mow lawns in order to make supplemental income. 2- I have the opportunity to do something I’m passionate about! 3- It provides something of value to players without breaking the bank. 4- It fosters the true spirit of amateur disc golf and most importantly, 5- I can give back to the community.
A question I get asked frequently is, “Do you do this all by yourself?”……No I don’t. A handful of dear friends see that the company has potential and could be something incredibly impactful to both the community and the sport. They have volunteered time, donated money and merchandise to support me. Tournaments and league wouldn’t have full rosters with out the love and support I’ve been shown from these special folks